Security is committed with the greatest care to protect data which are obtained when registering and during a visit to the site. We will continue to give user protection higher priority than to the realization of technical possibilities.


A prayer is often an expression of the intimate relationship between man and God. It may include deep distress, wishes or gratitude which are not always shared with other people.

Therefore, we highly respect the concern and the expectations of the users towards the platform and assure them of our best possible discretion. We will constantly pursue excellence in this project and are open to any indication for improvement. Don’t hesitate to use our technical contact. You find more about the technical implementation in the chapter data protection.

Data protection

Data transfer

All data requests from the browser are encrypted using SSL. This ensures that data exchanged between server and user cannot be read at any time. Often SSL is terminated on the firewall which leaves a small gap open between the firewall and the server. We technically close this gap by transmitting the login / password combination asynchronously and by encrypting them both differently.


For each user password a key combination (Hash) is created which again is encrypted again by a random key combination (Salt).  In this way passwords are never saved as text but as individually encrypted letter combinations which cannot be decrypted by a technician. Also one cannot conclude from one password to another.


All content related to a person – except for the person’s date of birth – is again saved in the database encrypted. This creates an additional level of security. The decryption can only be done by the logged on user via the application. That means that even if a backup of the database could be opened, no access to the data is possible.


Basically the application can be accessed from different devices with an account (login). If the account is not set to "auto login", an already logged in device is automatically logged out.


The hosting in a professional hosting center with a high-end  firewall system ensures a further security regarding unauthorized access.

Disclosure of data does not openly nor anonymously impart or circulate any personal data (first name, last name, etc.), content (prayers, comments, etc.) as well as user date (statistics). reserves the right to at any time publish statistical data which are not attributed to individual users on its own platform.
Data which users approve to be made known to the public (statements, shared prayers, etc.) may be published on without restriction and can only be removed again by the user. cannot guarantee that content which has already been picked up by search engines does not remain on the Internet. To ask for deletion is up to the user and needs to be handled directly with the relevant organization.


During a visit to the platform cookies are used. The data in the cookie are exclusively needed to establish and maintain a user session. In case of an activated “Auto Login” cookies recognize a user over a longer period of time and carry out the login directly.
As a user, you can delete the cookies in your browser at any time and they will become invalid on the server.

Statistical Tools

Statistical Tools like e.g. Google Analytics will not find access to the protected area for the management of the prayers.


Should we at some point in time change or have to change the rules and regulations / data protection all registered users will be notified by email and we will only implement any changes after a period of 8 weeks.
We are open for suggestions for improvement in the area of privacy and data security as well as access protection and are happy to consider and possibly implement them.