There are many areas in which are dependent on the support of volunteers such as translators, administrators, donors and praying men.
How can anyone help? The paragraphs below show where and how we would appreciate active help very much. If we have specific needs, we will communicate them under “contact”.

Make use of

A first step is that you use as your personal tool in order to organize your prayers, not to forget anything and to be efficient in strategic prayer. The more people use the better the feedback to us. This enables us to improve the platform continually so that users are satisfied because the platform works in best manner for them. Furthermore, we look forward to numerous testimonies on the public side so that God alone may be glorified.

Recommend to friends and acquaintances

We encourage you to recommend after you have looked at it, maybe used it and arrived at a positive conclusion. Under the heading “Share” you will find information on how to make recommendations via social media.
It is our desire that more and more people find to a better prayer life through We are therefore grateful for each recommendation in whatever way.

Let us have your feedback

Whether concerning new functionalities, information on stability of the system or suggestions for wording, we are happy to receive your feedback

Corrections of translated texts

As we sometimes have to rely on machine translation, which are not always accurate, or if typos occurred, we appreciate your help very much. Do not hesitate to inform us.

Please make use of this e-mail address in order to address any of the above issues: