What we believe in

God the Father

is the Creator of the Earth with all that is therein and the Creator of every individual.

Jesus Christ

is the Son of God, who died on the cross for the sins of every man, and rose again after three days. He sits at the right hand of the Father and will come back once more.

The Holy Spirit

also addressed as God’s Spirit who dwells in Christians was given to us after Jesus’ ascension so that we receive support, strength and gifts through him. The Holy Spirit together with God (the Father) and Jesus (the Son) form the Holy Trinity.

The Bible

is God’s inspired Word. It is the only truth that is available to man and covers all important areas of life. Above all, it shows the way back to God’s kingdom. The Bible is made equal with Jesus, who was the Word of God that became flesh on this earth and fulfilled the Word up to the very last detail.

The religious community

is the entirety of all believers from all denominations regardless any cultural background.  
She is the Bride of the Son of God (Jesus Christ) who redeemed and justified her on the cross.

Good works

are the result of our faith in Jesus Christ and our love to Him. They are a gift from God and have no relevance to our redemption.

The command

Jesus Christ taught us to first seek God’s kingdom, lay down our “old man” at the cross daily and follow Him. We are asked to love each other and ourselves, build His kingdom and make disciples of all those who want to turn until the day of His return.