Privacy Policy / Data protection

faithbook.org does not divulge or circulate any user data.

Each registered user has the possibility to delete his profile and the related data at any time. In this case, no personal data will remain available on the server.

Personal data are stored encrypted on the server and are not accessible for any technicians (e.g. database administrator).

All data collected information in the protected area – unless explicitly enabled by the user for publication in the public area - are not accessible to third parties and cannot be detected by statistical programs.

No external analysis tools are used with which one can trace a visitor.

Further information on data protection is found in “Security”.

Liability disclaimer for own content

faithbook.org provides content to be used on the platform and is responsible in accordance with general laws. faithbook.org endeavors to ensure accuracy and timeliness of information on this website. Nevertheless, errors and ambiguity cannot be ruled out completely. Therefore, faithbook.org accepts no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the provided information. For any adversity of material or immaterial nature, directly or indirectly caused by the use of information provided or incorrect or incomplete information, faithbook.org disclaims liability, except for justified accusation of deliberate, grossly negligently or faulty acting. Same applies for software and data available for free download. faithbook.org reserves the right to change or complement parts of or the entire services without separate announcement or to cease publication for a certain period of time or permanently.

Links to external sites

This Website includes links to external sites. These external links are marked as follows: [angled arrow external link]. Any content on linked external pages is the responsibility of the particular provider. Connecting the link for the first time, faithbook.org has checked the content concerning possible civil or criminal liabilities. A permanent screening of linked external pages is not reasonable unless there is evidence of a violation. Should faithbook.org discover or be informed by others that an external offer to which it is connected via a link entails civil or criminal liabilities, they will remove the link to this site immediately after assessment. faithbook.org dissociates itself from any such contents.

Copyright Protection

The layout, graphics and other contents of the website of faithbook.org are protected by copyright. The entire content of the website and the apps are protected by copyright as property of faithbook.org. The feeding-in of data to other electronic systems or their publication by means of other media or internet domains in particular also forms part of this protection. Without an explicit indication from faithbook.org no content of the website and/or Apps maybe published in either electronic or printed format. 


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