Thanks and appreciation


First of all we thank God the Father for our salvation through Jesus Christ.
Thanks are to Him for the grace He granted us in this project.
May this project be to His glory and to contribute to build His kingdom.


We thank all employees of seaio.interactive (Antje Schattat "Mobile", Beat Oetiker "Frontend development", Fabian Baumgartner "Backend development", Ivo Lex "testing, content and & support") for their expertise, dedication and perseverance.


Thanks goes to

  • Segun Olanipekun for conception ideas concerning public area (World Map).
  • The Bosshard family in South Africa for their support in prayer and deed (translations, networking)
  • Pastor Teddy Steiger for his incredibly rapid and significant feedback.
  • CZS Dietikon, Lucas Girod and Jugi for beta testing and feedback.
  • Geneva Bible Society for their uncomplicated support regarding Bible content.



  • Ortus Solutions - Luis Majano, for his inspired work on the ColdFusion Framework and his support in the project.
  • Railo Technologies GmbH, Switzerland, for the Coldfusion Platform and support in the project.
  • Daniel Romero, USA, for his assistance to create the logo.


Many thanks to all those who have supported us through prayer, encouragement and practical help.