Public Area

God in my region

A map shows the activities of individuals praying and testimonies that were entered directly via the dialog below, as well as the outcome of prayers which have been explicitly approved for publication.

Click on icons to read details about the testimonies. You can filter the information restricted by region, language and ways prayers have been answered.

How should I pray

You not only find a guide for prayer but further elaborating Blog entries around the topic of prayer.

General Information

On these pages you will find general information about faithbook.org, background, targets, functions or contacts etc.

Private and protected area

In the protected area, which is accessible only through the registration, the following activities may be carried out:

  1. Administrate prayers
  2. Administrate lists and prayer groups
  3. Administrate locations (countries, cities, etc.)
  4. Administrate Individuals
  5. Administrate prayer calendars

Administer Prayers

Prayers can be captured and administrated using various criteria: Type of prayer, priority, categories; using tags and colors. The number of prayers (online) is counted and at any time bible verses and comments may be added.

Of course you can also choose a selection of prayers and view them in a presentation mode, e.g. to structure the prayer time or to print a prayer list.

Administer Lists

In addition to the above mentioned criteria, each user can create its own lists and assign prayers. The flexibility in structuring is almost endless. Dates (calendar entries) are administrated as lists and can be used accordingly.

If a list is selected and a new prayer is captured, it is automatically added to this list.

Administrate Places (Cities)

Using Picker, almost all places in the world can be found and saved.
By drag and drop these places can be assigned to prayer issues or persons.
Places which have been linked with prayers can be displayed on the card, provided the place was found by picker.
If a place is selected and a new prayer is captured, the prayer is automatically added to this place.

Administrate Individuals

Individual persons can be opened in order to allocate prayer to them. These people, even if they are logged in cannot see this. If one of these people register themselves or are registered, this status will be visible for the person who allocated prayer issues to this individual (provided the exact same email address is used).
Individuals can be managed in different circles to keep an overview and to form logical groups. With drag & drop allocation of prayers to individuals can be made. If a person is selected and a new prayer is recorded, it is automatically added to that individual.

Administrate Groups

In groups, multiple people can share prayers. In order to invite an individual to a group this person needs to be captured with the correct email-address, the individual is participating in the system (faithbook).
With drag and drop to the relevant group the individual will be added and entitled to communicate.

If a group is selected and a new prayer is recorded, it is automatically added to this group.

Use Calendar

Prayers and lists can be drawn to the calendar to schedule a prayer time.
If a prayer or a list is drawn to the calendar, a copy (of list or prayer) is automatically generated, e.g. showing content and source. This is done so that the old list can be used continually regardless the planned prayer on the calendar.

Allocate Bible texts

For the German version the Bible “Schlachter 2000” and for the English version the “King James Bible” is available. Full texts and passages can be looked up and allocated to a prayer.