The purpose

On the one hand it is to show that God is alive, still does great things among us and answers our prayers. Under “God in my region” testimonies and answered prayers are can be captured and communicated.
On the other hand it offers you the possibility to capture and list your prayers and – if you wish – share some of them with other people or a group of people. is a tool to organize your personal prayer life. God created man to have a relation with Him. One of the most effective ways to live in relationship with God is through prayer.


The portal is a platform for Christians to support and improve their prayer life. Apart from a general public area the major part can be used by means of individual access data. Anyone can register for free and benefit from a wide range of functions. The target groups are individuals as well as small groups who pray together. It also serves ecclesiastical institutions who e.g. want to suggest prayer issues to their members. addresses individual persons, church organizations and Christian organizations in public social help as well as international prayer network groups. supports the planning of prayer times and enables to focus on prayer issues, both alone and in a group.

What is not? is not a social platform where mainly posts are left for others to read. It is also no community-platform for chatting or planning of events. is no substitute for prayer groups or your own quiet time with God. is no Ministry on its own but helps the body of Christ to move forward. as a crutch(walking aid) and notepad was built in order to support the expansion of your prayer life and to stay tuned to your prayer issues. We don’t want to encourage anyone to change their prayer life but to grow in it and expand it.
It is an aid in cases where it might not be easy to pursue for different reasons (organization overview, encouragement, memory, etc.). Often you will encounter a situation or somebody tells you something tragic and spontaneously you want to pray about this. However, until you find time and peace to pray, you might not think about it anymore.
In a small group for example everybody could capture their concerns with iPad (rather than with a memo which gets lost often). Everybody would have the information available at any time, regardless when and where the next meeting will take place.
With occurrences and information related to a prayer topic, to a person or a group of persons could be listed consecutively. Like this the whole history of a prayer issue would be documented and even complemented with relevant bible verses.