The strategy

People should be able to grow in their prayer life and by doing so enter into a close relationship with God. can only serve as a walking aid in your personal endeavors to draw closer to Him.

Make use of your time!

The world is constantly changing. Everything has become faster and requires higher flexibility from us. Many of us are at work very early already, have limited time over lunch break and in the evening, the family needs our attention. There would be many different situations to be listed for this time and age. One thing though seems to be reality for many people: There is only little time for a personal relationship with God.

Of course there is always the question of setting priorities. However, can and would like to support you to make use of your prayer time in an optimal way. You will be provided with an overview of your prayer life. Concerns of important people in your life will be available immediately. Your prayers will become more focused and at the same time thanks to the updated overview more complete.

Don‘t let your mobility hinder you!

Maybe you are commuting to work by train and have 30 minutes time which you so far used to read the newspaper. allows you via Smartphone-App to access your prayers and thereby make use of your commuting time in a different way.

Share interests and concerns with people you cannot meet personally!

If it is difficult to meet with people and share about the common interests and concerns, enables you to exchange thoughts interactively on distance and asynchronously.

Remember God’s works!

God has done many good things in your life already. The bible tells us to remember His deeds. Sometimes that is not easy, especially over a long period of time.

With you can keep track easily and get encouraged in your prayer life.

Be encouraged by good news!

God performs miracles every day but perhaps you are overwhelmed by the daily bad news and only see the negativeness in the world. is a channel of the "good News" with the purpose to encourage the believers and to incite them to reach out to the will of God.

Be thankful in all things!

No, you are not asked to sponsor us now! The thanks go to God alone. wants to help you to recognize the importance of gratitude and to support you in a lifestyle of thankfulness towards Him.