Who is Jesus

2000 years ago Jesus was born in Bethlehem (Mt. 2,1). His mother Mary was pregnant by the Holy Spirit (Mt. 1,18). At this time she was engaged to Joseph, a carpenter. If God had not spoken to Joseph in a dream, he would have left Mary (Mt 1, 20).

There is not much known about the childhood of Jesus. The first years his family lived in Egypt as a result of the persecution by Herod and then they moved back to Nazareth (Mt.2,13-22).At the age of 12, his first known appearance was in the temple in Jerusalem, where he discussed with theologians (Luke 2,41-52).

As of about the age of 30 years (Luke 3,23) Jesus appears to the public and works for 3 years among men before he was put to death on the cross (Mt.27,31-55).
However, this was not the end of his story. 3 days after his death, he was risen from the dead by God his father (Mat. 28,1ff). He showed himself to many people during a period of 40 days before he ascended to heaven. 10 days later his friends were filled with the Holy Spirit.
Jesus is the son of God (Mt. 3,17). He has been from the beginning of time and became a mortal man like all of us. By his sinless life and death on the cross, he bore the guilt for our sins. Thanks to his sacrifice, we have again access to the Father in heaven. No way leads around Jesus.

Jesus said: I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14,6).


Jesus ist der Sohn Gottes (Mt. 3 17) Er war seit Anbeginn der Zeit da und wurde zu einem sterblichen Mensch wie wir alle. Durch sein sündloses Leben und sein Tod am Kreuz hat er die Schuld für unsere Vergehen getragen. Dank seinem Opfer, haben wir wieder den Zugang zum Vater im Himmel. Kein Weg führt an Jesus vorbei.


Joh 14.6: „.... Ich bin der Weg und die Wahrheit und das Leben; niemand kommt zum Vater denn durch mich.“